Sleat Peninsula

Sleat, the long peninsula which stretches from Kinloch to Armadale, and eventually on to the Point of Sleat, enjoys a relatively sheltered position from which derives its reputation as the ‘garden of Skye’. It contains a number of remnant woodlands of oak, ash, hazel and birch as well as formal gardens and scatterings of exotics at Armadale Castle and other locations along its eastern edge, adjacent to the A851. You will therefore find woodland species here which are difficult to find on other parts of the island, and the greater density of species probably reflects the available shelter and cover. There are public footpaths to a number of these woodlands. Some of the remnant woodlands are more challenging but well worthy of exploration.

The coastal fringes only provide limited feeding in the intertidal zone, though offshore can always be rewarding and the Point of Sleat is an excellent spot for sea-watching and local migration.