Corncrakes on Skye 2021

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25th May 2021


As the days stretch and get warmer (here’s hoping!), we should also hear the familiar sound of our corncrakes. The unmistakable ‘Crex Crex’ call is the male corncrake looking for a mate. They prefer to stay hidden in tall vegetation and you may only hear him rather than see him. You’re most likely to find them in crofting areas andfarm land as they nest on in silage and hay meadows.

If you hear or see a corncrake please contact me or Skye Birds, with the date, time and locationthat you heard or saw it. If you can get a recording on your phone all the better! All reports from Skye Birds are very helpful with the summer survey which we carry out across the corncrake’s Scottish range.

These birds are extremely rare and vulnerable and it is important that you don’t disturb or approach them. Best way is to keep out of the meadows and stay on the roads. Good luck!

If you would like to know more about the work RSPB is doing on Skye for corncrakes please get in touch.

Thanks and have a great summer!


RSPB Corncrake Project Officer, Isle of Skye

07771545409  or