Corncrake Caller ID

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20th April 2020


Corncrakes will be arriving back on Skye anytime now. Over the past 8 years, the calls of some of the Corncrakes which have visited Skye were recorded and analysed to see if wee can tell different males apart. This has been done using mobile phones by making a voice memo or viseo, then creating a sonogram and analysing it. The results so far have been very interesting and we are keen to get more recordings this year, however, withthe lockdown, we're relying on local people to get the recordings. If you hear a Corncrake calling from your garden, croft, or while on your daily exercise (staying within Govt guidelines), why not record it?

Here's how:

1.On your phone, make a 20 second recording of the calling bird - a voice memo or video or whatever. If you can hear it, then it can be analysed so no need for close range or still conditions.

2. Save the recording as the location you heard it, the date and time eg Idrigill-29 April 2230. If this is a problem go to 3.

3. Share the recording/video (press the '...' or look for share option.

4. Send to this website or to facebook messenger at Corncrakes Skye.

Please note Corncrakes are extremely rare and protected under Schedule 1 so it is really important not to approach or disturb them in any way - please stay on the road or path. For more information contact