A good year of listing 2018

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04th January 2019


Listing is pretty obsessive behaviour and in 2018 I had set out to improve my Scottish list with several visits to the Western Isles, and trips to North Ronaldsay, Shetland, and other parts of the Highlands. It was fairly successful and with 15 new Scottish ticks under my belt I managed to reach over 300 species in Scotland, a fairly mediocre achievement but its only in recent years that I have indulged in what to some, justifiably, is a fairly aimless exercise. However, in my senior years it helps to give me a focus and keeps me sharp. In 2018 a total of 179 species were recorded on Skye with Lesser Yellowlegs the only new species bringing the Skye list to 266. I managed to see 149 species in Skye in 2018 and my personal Skye list now stands at 209. As well as the Yellowlegs, I also added Yellow Wagtail and Marsh Harrier to the list, and as the latter was self-found, it will remain a highlight (see Gallery). Since 2000 a total of 34 new species have been recorded in Skye. Of these, 10 have been found by visitors, but the remaining 24 have been found by locals and not all by birders. It is interesting that 5 of these new birds have been found in gardens so keep your eyes peeled.