Skye Birds

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14th February 2018


The first edition of Skye Birds was published in 2005, a self publishing venture, which paid for its costs within two years. In 2009 the 2nd edition was published, and not surprisingly it took a little more time to recoup my expenditure, but as anyone involved in self publishing knows, it does not make any money but is a labour of love. The 2nd edition is now out of print and at an original price of £11.95, is apparently now available on Amazon at prices up to £45. This is really just to let everyone know that in these dark winter days I am spending my time working away on updates. It may interest you that since the 2009 edition was published we have recorded 23 new species on Skye. This reflects not just a lot of local effort, and encouraging signs that some 'youngsters' are becoming vrey active on the island, but also that many visitors are also discovering things, and helping to show that perhaps Skye is not the ornithological backwater that it once was perceived to be. I am again working with Strath Print to get the publication done locally and the lay-out may be slightly different with more colour plates. No commitment on publication dates - as they say, a work in progress.