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25th January 2017


All contributors to the website should be aware that records submitted to the website will be included in Birdtrack as a matter of routine. I am currently uploading historical records for 2016, whilst trying to keep up to date and uploading 2017 records as I receive them. Apart from getting all records into a system which is now widely recognised as the best national database, it also helps my co-compilers of the SOC Highland Bird Report to which all records go. If any contributors are unhappy with this please let me know. A number of individuals who support the site also use Birdtrack and as long as they let me know, this will allow me to avoid duplication of records. Many Birdtrackers still send me their more unusual records and I would ask them to continue to do so as this keeps the site up to date. Please let me know if you need any further information and thanks for your ongoing support.