White-tailed Eagles

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06th April 2014


With regard to the Scottish White-tailed eagle population, as it now numbers in excess of 70 territories the population monitoring is, for the most part, no longer being carried out by paid RSPB field workers. In future the Raptor Study Groups will be taking over the role of collecting/collating information, as they already do with our other native raptors. The recently appointed Highland Raptor Study Group WTE co-ordinator is Justin Grant, who having spent seven years as an RSPB field worker on Skye and a further nine years as an RSPB contract WTE ringer, already knows his way reasonably well around the existing Highland population. So any WTE information can be sent to him especially if it may relate to a recently occupied or possibly unknown territory at justin.grant@freeuk.com. The image shows Justin ringing a chick on Skye. Any information passed to this site will be sent to Justin. All Raptor Group workers operate under licence issued by SNH on the basis of standards set out in RAPTORS- a field guide for surveys and monitoring - published by The Stationery Office, Edinburgh (TSO)