Skye Corncrakes 2011

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25th September 2011


As with the 2010 Skye corncrake survey, this year’s survey benefited greatly from reports we received through Skye Birds. We know that corncrakes prefer to breed on land which is actively crofted but having information on how long they stay in a particular area, and having some idea of their calling patterns can tell us quite a lot about suitable habitat on Skye and possible breeding attempts. Between late April and August we received records of calling males from 40 different locations on Skye and 1 from Lochalsh. However,due to wet and windy weather conditions at the end of May, only 23 different calling locations were counted during the official survey. The maximum number of calling males counted on a single night was 16.

I’d like to thank all contributors for their invaluable help.

Shelagh Parlane, RSPB Isle of Skye