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15th July 2011


It is amazing to think that it is almost 8 years since the website was first launched and in that time the site has grown as have the number of regular followers and contributors. It was my son Colin who first suggested the website and he had the technical skills to pull all the pages and ideas together. Many people have commented favourably on the site and the ease with which it could be used. The upgraded version has been in the pipeline for a couple of years and the new platform allows me to manage the content more readily. The new design is the work of my daughter-in-law Fiona and with Colin handling all the technical bits, it is very much a family effort. Without their support the site would not exist. We hope you like it and find it just as easy to use as the last one. There are still some loose ends to tidy up, including the search engine, so bear with us until we get everything up and running and we will try to deal with glitches quickly. Thanks to everyone for their support in the past and hopefully this will continue. We are happy to get any feedback.