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The island of Skye is unique though the systematic recording of its wildlife is a recent development.  By highlighting the wide variety of birds which can be seen, we hope to encourage locals and visitors to record their bird observations, stimulate involvement in fieldwork, and contribute to the conservation and protection of a number of rare and spectacular birds so that future generations can enjoy birding, against the most dramatic backdrop in Britain.

....and not just Skye

reports are regularly received from the neighbouring Lochalsh and Lochaber areas which are included in the site.  We are delighted that  the website has become a popular resource for the wider area.

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Coronavirus23rd March 2020

Impact on birding

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Jack Snipe4th April 2020

single flushed on morning walk at Portree (JDJ)

Grey Geese (GWF ?)4th April 2020

skein of 75 sw to ne through Broadford this morning (RMcM); skeins of 50, 100 & 120+ over Dunvegan this morning (CA) - information that lots of Greenland Whitefronts left Islay this morning so just a chance!

Great Northern Diver3rd April 2020

four in Uig Bay(SG) & 8 in Camas na Sgianadin, Broadford (RMcM)

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Recent Reports

Keep up to date with recent bird sightings not just from Skye, but also Lochalsh and neighbouring areas.  These are updated on a daily basis and the archive contains records for the last seven years.

Skye Birds 3rd Edition

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The Skye Birds Gallery features birds photographed on Skye or the neighbouring area by local photographers or visitors to the area. There are also images captured on other birding trips within the UK or overseas.

Blog, News and Events

This page provides an opportunity for Bob and others to blog.  It will also provide what we regard as newsworthy items either locally or nationally.  We will also try and keep you up to date with walks, talks and other events.

Where to Go

Bird watching is likely to be rewarding throughout the district.  The 'Where to Go' map allows you to look at sites which are reasonably accessible and which have been visited regularly during the last few years.

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