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Bird sightings on the Island of Skye and the neighbouring area

The objective of this page is to keep everyone, locals and visitors, up to date with what birds are about. It is therefore dependent on everyone contacting me as quickly as possible to ensure I can update the site so that others might benefit from the observations. In the case of rarer species details would also be passed on the Highland Recorder John Poyner (  who may require a full description before the record was accepted. This website will very much be locally focused but some records will be included in the SOC Highland website and may also reach national sites.  We have complete discretion as to what information is added to these pages and will try to avoid any details which might reveal breeding sites of vulnerable species.  It is impossible to record everything reported and for the more regularly observed species, we would encourage the use of 'Birdtrack' -  Records sent to us are also submitted to Birdtrack.

Date Species Image Details
31st Mar 2014 Chiffchaff one singing at Strath Print, Broadford Industrial Estate (MB)
31st Mar 2014 Cuckoo still a bit early but see the blog for details of the Great Cuckoo Race - Balmacara v Kintail!!
31st Mar 2014 Yellowhammer male seen in a garden at Upper Milovaig for the 2nd time (seen on 28th) (A.Clelland) - excellent record and well isolated from small population in Lochalsh.
31st Mar 2014 Redwing View Image 15 at Earlish (N.Hodgetts)
31st Mar 2014 Eagles! 4 White-tails and 3 Golden in thermals above Lephin, Glendale, with White-tails yelping loudly (AS)
31st Mar 2014 Ring Ouzel View Image 1st report of the year with one at the Needle on the Quirang (J.Macnab)
31st Mar 2014 Shelduck two at Camus a Mhor, Gedintailer (WM)
30th Mar 2014 Chiffchaff now at least 3 singing males in Milovaig area (AS), and one at Harrapool (MB)
30th Mar 2014 Wheatear View Image general influx with at least 10 birds between Carbost and Talisker Bay, including territorial behaviour (MB,RMcM) (see Gallery); also two territorial pairs Upper Milovaig (AS)
30th Mar 2014 Twite View Image 8-10 birds with singing males near Carbost cemetry (MB,RMcM) and 6 at Trumpan (TB)
30th Mar 2014 Hen Harrier View Image recent reports of ringtail at Ardnish, Broadford (JP)
30th Mar 2014 Great Skua View Image two over the Perches rocks, Eigg (JC)
30th Mar 2014 Golden Plover 60 at Trumpan (TB) and 12 on Ardnish(A&EH)
30th Mar 2014 Glaucous Gull View Image juvenile reported from Loch Brittle
30th Mar 2014 Linnet two at Trumpan (TB) and a single at Elgol (RMcM)
30th Mar 2014 Willow Warbler View Image 1st report of from Lower Milovaig (AS)
29th Mar 2014 Whooper Swan View Image c25 at Loch Suardal, Dunvegan
29th Mar 2014 Redshank spring build up with 50 at Ardnish + 16 Bar-tailed Godwit (A&EH)
28th Mar 2014 Wheatear View Image still trickling through with a single at Elgol & two at Glasnakille (RMcM)
28th Mar 2014 Common Crossbill View Image two in the forest near Kyleakin (A&EH)
28th Mar 2014 Barn Owl View Image bird found trapped in a house chimney in Glen Brittle and successfully rescued & released (KC)
27th Mar 2014 Magpie single at Duntulm, the first report in the area for several months (A.Turner)
27th Mar 2014 Red-throated Divers numbers building up as migrants push north - 18 in Loch Ainort and 12 in Loch Sligachan (RMcM)
27th Mar 2014 Shelduck 19 in Pool Roag, Dunvegan(RMcM)
26th Mar 2014 Whooper Swan View Image 76 north over Brogaig, Staffin (MP) and herd of 60 north over Eigg at dusk (JC)
26th Mar 2014 Lapwing 8 displaying on Staffin Island (TB)
25th Mar 2014 Jackdaw maybe some range expansion with three at feeders Kilbryde (JJ) and recent report from Kyleakin (HS)
25th Mar 2014 Merlin View Image male seen near Penifiler, Portree (TB)
25th Mar 2014 Twite View Image small flock of 9 near Penifiler, Portree (TB)
25th Mar 2014 Wheatear View Image two males & a female at Upper Halistra, Waternish (C.Matheson)
25th Mar 2014 Kumlien's Gull long stayer still at Mallaig + hybrid Glaucous/Herring Gull (SMacD)
25th Mar 2014 Red-throated Diver View Image 5 in Broadford Bay + a Black-throated Diver & 2 Slavonian Grebes in summer plumage (MB)
24th Mar 2014 Manx Shearwater View Image single passed Kildonan Point, Eigg (JC)
24th Mar 2014 Chiffchaff single at Lower Milovaig got tangled in fruit netting (AS)
24th Mar 2014 Wheatear View Image singles near Edinbane (TB) and The Aird, Gedintailor (WM)
24th Mar 2014 Grey Wagtail View Image single near Orbost(TB)
22nd Mar 2014 Whooper Swan View Image three at Breakish Obbe (PP)
22nd Mar 2014 Iceland Gull View Image juvenile at Stenscholl, Staffin for the last week (C.Nicolson)
22nd Mar 2014 Canada Goose View Image four briefly at Breakish Obbe (L.Phillips)
22nd Mar 2014 Wheatear View Image another report, from Eigg (JC)
21st Mar 2014 Grey Wagtail View Image pair on the burn at Balmeanach, Braes (WM)
21st Mar 2014 Little Auk single in the Narrows of Raasay (WM)
20th Mar 2014 Wheatear View Image 1st report for Skye & Lochalsh with a bird at Sconser (AMcL)
20th Mar 2014 Reed Bunting View Image 3 males at Balmeanach, Braes (WM)
20th Mar 2014 Brambling View Image single male on feeders at Morar (SMacD)
20th Mar 2014 Whooper Swan View Image 13 in Loch Slapin (I.MacKinnon)
19th Mar 2014 Lesser Black-backed Gull View Image 4 at Hamara, Glendale (AS) & also reported from Eigg (JC)
18th Mar 2014 Whooper Swan View Image 7 north at Uigshader (JK)
17th Mar 2014 Ptarmigan View Image two still in winter plumage on Marsco (T.Hodgetts)
17th Mar 2014 Whimbrel View Image early report of two at Ord (A.Lyle)
16th Mar 2014 Grey Heron View Image count of 46 in Kyleakin Obbe included 16 birds at possible nest sites (A&EH)
15th Mar 2014 Barnacle Goose View Image 72 at Staffin (TB)
15th Mar 2014 Whooper Swan View Image now 7 on the Storr Lochs (TB)
13th Mar 2014 Peregrine View Image Single reported from cliffs at Moonen Bay (J.Young)
12th Mar 2014 Wheatear View Image male at Rhu, Arisaig - first of the year (D.Whitaker)
12th Mar 2014 Common Gull excellent count of 345 at Loch Portree (TB)
12th Mar 2014 Wigeon count of 54 at Loch Portree (TB)
11th Mar 2014 Common Redpoll Bird showing characteristics of Common/Mealy with Lessers at feeders at Morar (SMacD)
11th Mar 2014 Sperm Whale possibly two Sperm Whales reported from Raasay Sound (C.Atkins et al)
10th Mar 2014 Common Scoter a male & two females at Ard Dorch (T.Swainbank)
9th Mar 2014 Kumlien's Gull juvenile with damaged left foot still at Mallaig (PS)
7th Mar 2014 Peregrine Falcon Single near the Kylerhea road end (A.Hickey) - records of this species welcome as there is a Peregrine breeding survey coordinated by the BTO this year.
7th Mar 2014 Pied Wagtail View Image single at Lephin, Glendale (AS)
6th Mar 2014 Eagles Adult Golden Eagle over Uig (ML) & adult White-tail west at Suardal (RMcM)
6th Mar 2014 Pied Wagtail View Image single at Kilmarie moving back into territory (RMcM)
6th Mar 2014 White-fronted Goose three at Traigh for the last few days are the 'European' race (SMacD)
6th Mar 2014 Lapwing 61 at Back of Keppoch, Morar + 31 Golden Plover (SMacD)
6th Mar 2014 Kumlien's Gull though a bird has been present at Mallaig for some weeks, a new bird was noted today (SM)
6th Mar 2014 Glaucous/Herring Gull hybrid a bird noted at Mallaig by Stephen MacDonald looks like a hybrid, sometimes known as a 'Nelson's Gull' (P.Stronach)
6th Mar 2014 Skylark View Image flock of 30 at Waterstein (AS)
5th Mar 2014 Whooper Swan View Image 8 north over Gedintailor (C.Atkins)
4th Mar 2014 Turnstone 35 at Kilmarie Bay, Loch Slapin (RMcM)
4th Mar 2014 Golden Plover 12 at Suisnish, Strath (PE)
3rd Mar 2014 Brambling View Image 3 on the Kylerhea road, 2 males & a female (S.Terry)
3rd Mar 2014 Long-tailed Tit View Image up to 12 using fatballs at Camastianavaig (G.Barrett)
3rd Mar 2014 Twite View Image Flock of 18 at Balmeanach, Braes (WM)
2nd Mar 2014 Whooper Swan View Image 5 at the reservoir at Kirkibost, Strathaird may well be early returning migrants (RMcM)
2nd Mar 2014 Turnstone 40 at Ashaig + 11 Bar-tailed Godwit (A&E)
1st Mar 2014 Skylark View Image now 30+ at Elgol (RMcM
1st Mar 2014 Purple Sandpiper View Image 4 at Erbusaig (L.Phillips) - reports from Lochalsh are scarce

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