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Bird sightings on the Island of Skye and the neighbouring area

The objective of this page is to keep everyone, locals and visitors, up to date with what birds are about. It is therefore dependent on everyone contacting me as quickly as possible to ensure I can update the site so that others might benefit from the observations. In the case of rarer species details would also be passed on the Highland Recorder John Poyner (  who may require a full description before the record was accepted. This website will very much be locally focused but some records will be included in the SOC Highland website and may also reach national sites.  We have complete discretion as to what information is added to these pages and will try to avoid any details which might reveal breeding sites of vulnerable species.  It is impossible to record everything reported and for the more regularly observed species, we would encourage the use of 'Birdtrack' -  Records sent to us are also submitted to Birdtrack.

Date Species Image Details
30th Apr 2011 Osprey View Image one over the river at Glenelg (PJones)
29th Apr 2011 Puffin birds are in the process of returning to breeding colonies and this is often a good time to see them close to shore - 4 at the Aird, Braes (WM)
29th Apr 2011 Chats!! there were two Whinchats at Lower Breakish (A&EH) and a male Stonechat near Sconser (RMcM) - Stonechats in particular appear to have declined significantly due to the successive bad winters.
29th Apr 2011 Whimbrel View Image 15 flying at the mouth of Loch Sligachan, Sconser (RMcM)
28th Apr 2011 Great Northern Diver View Image still 24 in Loch Slapin + 7 Black-throated Divers (RMcM)
27th Apr 2011 Whinchat View Image three singing birds at Carr Brae (BN) - also reported from Snizort Bridge on the 24th (M)
27th Apr 2011 Wood Warbler not yet in full song but have arrived at Carr Brae, Lochalsh (BN)
27th Apr 2011 Golden Plover several reports of small numbers but 40-50 at Kilvaxter (THodgetts)
26th Apr 2011 Martins several recent reports of House and Sand Martins - for the purposes of the BTO Atlas it would be good to get any breeding records of House Martins and counts of active burrows at any Sand Martin colonies. House Martins have returned to Ellishader where last year's nest was used over-winter by roosting Wrens and eventually collapsed (JMcL)
26th Apr 2011 Golden Eagle View Image these are fine days for seeing thermalling Golden Eagles - Gallery images are from Meadale on the A863 to-day and there was also a bird above the A850 near Fairy Bridge yesterday. There were also 5/6 birds and a Sea Eagle high above the Edinbane Windfarm (c3000') earlier to-day (RMcM) On Braes a pair could be seen from the roadside over Ben Lee (WM)
26th Apr 2011 Grasshopper Warbler reeling birds at Uig (THodgetts) and at least four different birds in Choisleadar Forest (RMcM)
26th Apr 2011 Whimbrel View Image single at The Aird, Balmeanach where other wader passage included 4 Dunlin, 3 Golden Plover and 3 Common Sandpiper (WM)
26th Apr 2011 Whooper Swan View Image two stragglers in the sea at Traigh - where there were also 20 Dunlin and a single Pink-footed Goose on the shore (SMacD)
26th Apr 2011 Great Skua View Image various reports of Bonxies recently with a pair off the MV Brigadoon to-day - remember if you want to view Sea Eagles (and sometimes Golden Eagles) - a trip on the Brigadoon out of Portree is a must.
25th Apr 2011 Pink-footed Goose View Image 4 at Ardnish (EH)
25th Apr 2011 Canada Goose View Image Pair still in the Broadford Bay area with several reports
25th Apr 2011 Lapland Bunting Report of two at Ashaig, Broadford (SB)
24th Apr 2011 Brent Goose View Image 8 at the head of Loch Caroy first thing this morning (MSellors)
24th Apr 2011 Black-tailed Godwit View Image 3 at the head of Loch Slapin + 9 Whimbrel (RMcM)
24th Apr 2011 Common Scoter pair in Broadford Bay off Waterloo (RMcM)
24th Apr 2011 Sedge Warbler View Image singing birds on the Heaste Road, Broadford, and at Harrapool (MB)- also at Glendale (AS)
24th Apr 2011 Red Kite View Image single reported from Ullinish (L.Henderson)
23rd Apr 2011 Black-tailed Godwit View Image 6 in Broadford Bay + a single Bar-tail and 5 Whimbrel (SB)
23rd Apr 2011 Corncrake View Image Shelagh Parlane has re-commenced monitoring of the Skye population of Corncrakes on behalf of the RSPB. There has been one exceptionally early report in Waternish but the main influx of birds will occur anytime now. If you hear birds calling can you let Shelagh know on (07771545409), or notify this website and we will be happy to pass details on. Please avoid going on to croftland as nearly all the birds can be easily heard from public roads.
23rd Apr 2011 Grasshopper Warbler 'reeling' bird at Tote (CHawley)
23rd Apr 2011 White-billed Diver juvenile reported from the ferry yesterday afternoon near Waternish Point (Geoff Morgan)
23rd Apr 2011 Lapland Bunting two seen and filmed on the strand at Traigh (per SMacD)
21st Apr 2011 Grasshopper Warbler another reeling bird in Harrapool (RThornton)
21st Apr 2011 Blackcap View Image male singing Broadford Industrial Estate (MB)
21st Apr 2011 Ringed Plover View Image exceptional passage count of 108 at Harrapool + 40 Dunlin (MB)
21st Apr 2011 Tufted Duck View Image 3- two males and a female on Loch Cillchroisd (Deirdre Ingles)
20th Apr 2011 Grasshopper Warbler Reeling bird in Broadford (MB)
20th Apr 2011 Cuckoo Reports from Lephin,Glendale, Edinbane, Struan and Gedintailor (AS,RMcM, M.,WM))+ Torrin on the 21st (CRussell)
20th Apr 2011 Common Sandpiper View Image Singles at Lower Milovaig (AS)and at Broadford (MB), with two at Lusa (A&EH)
20th Apr 2011 Blackcap View Image Male at Glaphein, Staffin (MP) - spring records in north Skye are rare.
20th Apr 2011 Short-eared Owl View Image One near Borve (THodgetts)and another single near the Fairy Bridge, Waternish (G.Walton)
19th Apr 2011 Sand Martin View Image good numbers now reported from Kilmarie, Uig and Kyleakin Quarry.
19th Apr 2011 Chiffchaff calling in Harrapool (MB)
19th Apr 2011 Cuckoo calling Kyleakin Obbe (A&EH)
19th Apr 2011 Grasshopper Warbler reeling at the west end of Loch Morar (SMacD)
19th Apr 2011 Pink-footed Goose View Image skein of 75 north over Morar (SMacD)
19th Apr 2011 Common Sandpiper View Image still single bird at Kilmarie, Loch Slapin and two at Arisaig (RMcM, SMacD)
18th Apr 2011 Cuckoo one calling in Lower Breakish (LP)
18th Apr 2011 Canada Goose View Image pair arrived overnight at Breakish Obbe (LP)- now in Broadford Bay (SB)
18th Apr 2011 Black-throated Diver View Image 4 in Loch Slapin at Kilmarie (RMcM)
18th Apr 2011 Wheatear View Image significant movement of new birds into the area in the last 2/3 days with several reports of good nos.
18th Apr 2011 Whimbrel View Image 10 at Strathaird Point (MK)
17th Apr 2011 Cuckoo calling bird at Achacork(CLomas)
17th Apr 2011 Whooper Swan View Image 16 at Loch Mealt (JMcLennan)
17th Apr 2011 Common Sandpiper View Image first of the year at Kilmarie, Loch Slapin (MK)
16th Apr 2011 Lapland Bunting still 4 at Elgol feeding on crofts at 10-14 (RMcM)
16th Apr 2011 Crested Tit View Image at 12 noon a bird turned up at Suzanne & Rob Arnold's bird feeders at Ord - this must be the same bird which was at Broadford on Wednesday - and possibly the bird which wintered at Glendale. This is developing into an amazing story.
16th Apr 2011 Grey Wagtail View Image pair at Camustianavaig (WM) - few recent reports which suggest the hard winter may have taken its toll on this species.
15th Apr 2011 Merlin View Image a number of reports recently including a male at Elgol to-day and a male at Skeabost on the 13th. A bird was also mobbing a Sea Eagle near Drynoch to-day. (GF,MK,RMcM)
15th Apr 2011 Whooper Swan View Image two stragglers on Loch Connan (MK,RMcM)
15th Apr 2011 House Martin View Image 4 in Harrapool, Broadford (MB)
15th Apr 2011 Ringed Plover View Image heavy passage with 82 at Waterloo, Broadford + 8 Dunlin (MB)
15th Apr 2011 House Martin View Image report from Gillen, Waternish (SB)
15th Apr 2011 Wood Warbler very early report from Gillen, Waternish (SB)
14th Apr 2011 Golden Plover 12 at Elgol (MK) - some of these showing plumage of the 'northern' form which breeds in Norway (see Gallery)
14th Apr 2011 Cuckoo single near Point of Sleat (Tim)
14th Apr 2011 Lapland Bunting now 4 at Elgol, 3 males and a female (RMcM)(see Gallery)
14th Apr 2011 Red-breasted Merganser View Image excellent count of 23 at Loch Snizort Beag (GFerguson)
14th Apr 2011 Brambling View Image two in a garden in Mallaig (SMacD)
13th Apr 2011 Lapland Bunting single male at Elgol (see Gallery) (RMcM)
13th Apr 2011 White Wagtail View Image single at Elgol jetty (RMcM)
13th Apr 2011 Swallow two at Aird Bernisdale (S.Watkins)
13th Apr 2011 Whooper Swan View Image 9 at Loch nan Eala, Arisaig (SMacD)
13th Apr 2011 Tree Pipit View Image two at the west end of Loch Morar (SMacD)
13th Apr 2011 Purple Sandpiper View Image still 9 in West Bay, Mallaig (SMacD)
13th Apr 2011 Crested Tit View Image one visited garden feeders at Broadford around 5.00 pm (Janet & Stan Donaldson) - yet another amazing record a few weeks after the wintering bird at Fasach, Glendale was last seen. Could it possibly be the same bird??
12th Apr 2011 Greenland White-fronted Goose 3 flew from Ardnish to Pabay (A&EH)
11th Apr 2011 Sand Martin View Image two at Colbost (AS)
11th Apr 2011 Great Spotted Woodpecker View Image bird seen and heard in the Storr woods - this is as far north on the island as the species has been recorded (JP)
11th Apr 2011 Linnet 6 at Waterloo, Broadford (A&EH)
11th Apr 2011 White Wagtail View Image single at Balmeanach Bay (WM)
10th Apr 2011 Cuckoo another early report with a single at Elgol (MMcM)
10th Apr 2011 Kittiwake c500 in Loch Slapin (RMcM)
10th Apr 2011 Willow Warbler View Image 10 singing at Carr brae reflecting continued influx (BN)
10th Apr 2011 Blackcap View Image single bird singing at Carr Brae (BN)
10th Apr 2011 Meadow Pipit View Image c150 between Milovaig/Lephin - also 3 Linnets Lower Milovaig (AS)
10th Apr 2011 Swallow 4 at Mallaig (SMacD)
9th Apr 2011 Willow Warblers a bit of an influx with reports this morning from Lephin, Glendale, (AS), Loch Slapin near Faoilean (RMcM), Leiter Fura, Sleat (SMacQ), Harrapool and Broadford (MB) and two on Carr Brae, Lochalsh (BN)
9th Apr 2011 Chiffchaff single at Lower Milovaig (AS)
9th Apr 2011 Whimbrel View Image single on Loch Slapin (RMcM)
9th Apr 2011 Linnet up to 8 at Uig (BDrummond)- note that Twite have also arrived back on their territories in the last few days.
9th Apr 2011 Swallow first report from Uig (THodgetts)
9th Apr 2011 Great Skua View Image single of Rubha Hunish + small groups of Puffins (THodgetts)
8th Apr 2011 Swallow report from Ellishadder (G.Jones), two others from Lephin and Hamara Lodge, Glendale (A&AS) and another single at Harrapool in the evening (MB)
8th Apr 2011 Common Crossbill View Image seems to have been an extremely good year with fledged young at Peiness, Uigshader, and several family groups in Ghlinne Bhig and Snizort forests (JK,RMcM)
8th Apr 2011 Sand Martin View Image two on the River Snizort (RMcM), a single at Harrapool (MB), and a single at Isleornsay (RC)
8th Apr 2011 Raven flock of c40 near Carolina Hill, Skeabost (RMcM)
8th Apr 2011 Redwing View Image 30+ near Loch Cillchroisd (RMcM) and smaller numbers at Ellishader (JMcL) and Uigshader (JK)
8th Apr 2011 Puffin arriving back on territories with 6 off the Ascribs (L.Wilson)
7th Apr 2011 Swallow single on the wires at Aird, Sleat (Karen Macaskill) - and another on the Struan-Portree road (MSellors) - 1st reports so far.
7th Apr 2011 Barnacle Goose View Image 70+ scoped on Isay (G.McCracken)
6th Apr 2011 Barnacle Goose View Image 106 at Staffin (CAlston)
4th Apr 2011 Corncrake View Image Calling bird at Hallin, Waternish (AM) - this is an exceptionally early record.
4th Apr 2011 House Martin View Image Report from Skeabost (GF) - another early arrival and no Swallows yet!
3rd Apr 2011 Whooper Swan View Image 3 at the head of Loch Slapin, grounded by strong winds (RMcM)
3rd Apr 2011 Common Crossbill View Image fledged young in Choisleadar Forest, Edinbane (see Gallery) (RMcM)
3rd Apr 2011 Redwing View Image 23 at Home Farm, Portree (TBowditch)
2nd Apr 2011 Redwing View Image there have been several reports of Redwing recently as Icelandic birds move back north - 20 at Lower Milovaig this morning in full song (AS)- and also 9 at Uig (BDrummond)
2nd Apr 2011 Chiffchaff also singing at Lephin, Glendale (AS)
2nd Apr 2011 Slavonian Grebe 3 in breeding plumage off Ardnish, Broadford (DCJ)
2nd Apr 2011 Kittiwake c55 in Loch Slapin off Camas Malag, Torrin (DCJ)

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