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Bird sightings on the Island of Skye and the neighbouring area

The objective of this page is to keep everyone, locals and visitors, up to date with what birds are about. It is therefore dependent on everyone contacting me as quickly as possible to ensure I can update the site so that others might benefit from the observations. In the case of rarer species details would also be passed on the Highland Recorder John Poyner (  who may require a full description before the record was accepted. This website will very much be locally focused but some records will be included in the SOC Highland website and may also reach national sites.  We have complete discretion as to what information is added to these pages and will try to avoid any details which might reveal breeding sites of vulnerable species.  It is impossible to record everything reported and for the more regularly observed species, we would encourage the use of 'Birdtrack' -  Records sent to us are also submitted to Birdtrack.

Date Species Image Details
31st Dec 2009 Greenland White-fronted Goose 27 on Ardnish, Broadford (A&EH)
31st Dec 2009 Red Kite View Image bird again seen south of Earlish at the bottom of Glen Hinnisdal (Nick Hodgetts)
31st Dec 2009 Skylark View Image continuing the run of unseasonal reports there were 3 in a garden at Balmeanach, Braes (WM)
30th Dec 2009 Skylark View Image 10 at Glasnakille, Strathaird (RMcM)
30th Dec 2009 Whooper Swan View Image only one left at Loch Suardal confined to a small area of unfrozen water (MCullen)
30th Dec 2009 Water Rail one feeding with other birds at Waterloo, Broadford (AMcHattie)
29th Dec 2009 Red Kite View Image at 1030 to-day a bird was seen moving north at Earlish near Uig (Nick Hodgetts). Now a report of a bird near Achnacloich, Sleat on the 27th. A Red Kite was seen at Drimsdale machair South Uist at 1115 on 29th is unlikely to be the same bird - see It appears that some of the wintering Black Isle population may have moved west to avoid the bad weather.
29th Dec 2009 Common Crossbill View Image 5 in Greshornish Forest - also 8 Bullfinch (RMcM)
29th Dec 2009 Meadow Pipit View Image influx of c20 at Milovaig & some seen coming in off the sea suggesting they had flown from the Uists (AS)
29th Dec 2009 Hen Harrier View Image female at Borrodale, Glendale (AS)
29th Dec 2009 Snipe still lots about and 9 flushed from the roadside between Milovaig and Lephin, Glendale (AS)
28th Dec 2009 Water Rail another bird in a garden at Harrapool possibly looking for food below a bird table (per MB)
28th Dec 2009 Twite View Image report of two birds visiting feeding station at Harrapool which is again unusual and symptomatic of the weather (RThornton)
28th Dec 2009 Golden Plover 9 on the Milovaig grazings (AS)
28th Dec 2009 Whooper Swan View Image 3 on a partially frozen Loch Mor, Waterstein + 3 Tufted Duck & 2 Goldeneye (AS)
28th Dec 2009 Grey Heron View Image predation of other birds is unusual as was one killing and eating a Blackbird on the shore of Loch Dunvegan (Duncan Shaw) - Heron mortality can be very high in prolonged frosty weather.
28th Dec 2009 Whooper Swan View Image 3 on Loch Suardal and 4 flying across Loch Dunvegan (Duncan Shaw)
28th Dec 2009 Red Kite View Image bird seen flying west over Achachork, Portree (Alistair Simpson)
27th Dec 2009 Common Crossbill View Image 2 in Kyleakin Forest (A&EH)
27th Dec 2009 Skylark View Image continuing the run of recent reports, a single in a garden at Kilbryde near Torrin (MMJohnson)
27th Dec 2009 Water Rail another report on a small burn at Scullamus, Broadford (MB) - this species is normally very elusive but will show in bad weather.
27th Dec 2009 Whooper Swan View Image 20 on Loch na Dubrachan, Sleat, eventually flew south (Rob Ware)(see Gallery) - this is a big herd for winter on Skye which suggests the birds may have been moving south because of the weather.
26th Dec 2009 Snipe 3 feeding in the garden at Portnalong and one dead on the road nearby - a casualty of the weather (JThomas)
26th Dec 2009 White-tailed Eagle View Image great clear weather for seeing birds - one soaring in the Sound of Raasay (WM) - a bird seen at Milovaig headed across the Minch and in the clear conditions became a speck in the distance heading towards Noth Uist (AS)
26th Dec 2009 Lapwing a solitary bird at Milovaig is very unusual in winter - also two Black-throated Diver (AS)
26th Dec 2009 Water Rail a scarce winter record of a single bird feeding amonst hens at Ullinish - still present on the 27th(GLeatherbarrow)
25th Dec 2009 Merry Christmas just to wish all our visitors and contributors to the site a very happy christmas and a healthy and enjoyable new year - Bob
25th Dec 2009 Woodcock christmas visitor in the garden at Kyleakin (A&EH)also 4 Woodcock feeding openly at Lower Milovaig (AS)
24th Dec 2009 Black Grouse View Image male just a mile east of Cluanie Inn, so within the Lochalsh boundary (MMcM)
24th Dec 2009 Woodcock 3 at Peinachorran, Braes. (WM)
23rd Dec 2009 Black-throated Diver View Image group of 11 in Loch Slapin opposite Glasnakille (RMcM)
23rd Dec 2009 Snipe again with the frosty weather, 5 in a garden at Glasnakille, probing the mossy lawn (see Gallery)
23rd Dec 2009 Skylark View Image normally scarce in winter there were 3 at Glasnakille and a single in Elgol, probably resulting from a bad weather movement. (RMcM)
23rd Dec 2009 Siskin good flock of 100 feeding on Alder seed on Carr Brae - also 2 Woodcock in the garden foraging (BN)
23rd Dec 2009 White-fronted Goose 4 on Ardnish (A&EH) - probably part of the wintering flock which currently numbers 27 - smaller than in previous years
23rd Dec 2009 White-fronted Goose 4 on Ardnish (A&EH) - probably part of the wintering flock which currently numbers 27 - smaller than in previous years
22nd Dec 2009 Common Scoter 2 in Broadford Bay during WeBS counts - 33 species recorded and the other highlights included a Grey Plover, 13 Purple Sandpiper, 22 Golden Plover and 2 Woodcock (RMcM)
22nd Dec 2009 Twite View Image flock of 30 at Harrapool - also a few Skylarks in the area and at Ardnish - both species are scarce in winter. (RMcM)
22nd Dec 2009 Snipe with the cold weather it was interesting to see a flock of c20 Snipe fly in and land on Glas Eilean, Harrapool - probably part of a cold weather movement (RMcM)
22nd Dec 2009 Chiffchaff wintering bird still braving the elements at Lower Milovaig (AS)
20th Dec 2009 Golden Plover excellent winter flock of 44 at Balmeanach Bay, Braes (WM). Also a smaller group of 5/6 during a tetrad visit to Raasay on 18th (HI)
19th Dec 2009 Barn Owl View Image few reports recently so a single at Kyleakin (in your garden) is a good find (A&EH)
13th Dec 2009 Chiffchaff excellent December record at Lower Milovaig - there was a record in the same area on 26.12.2004 (AS)
13th Dec 2009 Fulmar at Neist Point there were 62 occupied sites which is amazingly early (AS)
12th Dec 2009 Purple Sandpiper View Image 5 at Ardnish & 3 Lapwing (A&EH)
12th Dec 2009 Fieldfare View Image c100 at Torran, Raasay, + c30 Redpolls & 20 Bullfinch (RMcM)
12th Dec 2009 Woodcock lot of birds at the moment with reports from Port Luinge, Sandaig (Pete Jones), 3 on Eilean Fladday and 3 on different parts of north Raasay (DCJ, RMcM)
12th Dec 2009 Kittiwake c40 in outer Loch Carron including some juveniles - also 8 Great Northern Diver (BN)
11th Dec 2009 BTO Winter Atlas good settled weather to get some Atlas work done or submit some roving records - in a tetrad at Aird Bernisdale area yesterday I managed to record 37 species - get away from Christmas shopping and do some atlassing!! - Bob
10th Dec 2009 Water Rail at least two calling birds at Chaluim Chille, Kilmuir (RMcM)
10th Dec 2009 Reed Bunting View Image flock of 30+ at Kilvaxter, one of the biggest winter counts in recent years (RMcM)
10th Dec 2009 Bar-tailed Godwit View Image 13 at Loch Portree & 300 Common Gull, both high counts for this location.
6th Dec 2009 Woodpigeon View Image unusually large flock of 60 at Attadale, Strathcarron in a tetrad where 31 species were recorded (BN
5th Dec 2009 Red Grouse 2 on the shore of Loch Fada, Trotternish (MPerry)
4th Dec 2009 Fieldfare View Image still mixed flock of 50 Fieldfare/Redwing at Kyleakin Obbe (A&EH) + 25 Fieldfare at Loch Cillchroisd (RMcM)
3rd Dec 2009 Blackcap View Image male still visiting feeding station at Carr Brae, + Goldfinch and pair of Great Spotted Woodpecker (BN)
3rd Dec 2009 Mute Swan View Image single adult still around Broadford Bay area and currently at Breakish Obbe (Liz Phillips)
2nd Dec 2009 Whooper Swan View Image 10 at Loch Suardal yesterday, 5 in the morning but all away by the afternoon (Rob Wright)

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