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Bird sightings on the Island of Skye and the neighbouring area

The objective of this page is to keep everyone, locals and visitors, up to date with what birds are about. It is therefore dependent on everyone contacting me as quickly as possible to ensure I can update the site so that others might benefit from the observations. In the case of rarer species details would also be passed on the Highland Recorder John Poyner (  who may require a full description before the record was accepted. This website will very much be locally focused but some records will be included in the SOC Highland website and may also reach national sites.  We have complete discretion as to what information is added to these pages and will try to avoid any details which might reveal breeding sites of vulnerable species.  It is impossible to record everything reported and for the more regularly observed species, we would encourage the use of 'Birdtrack' -  Records sent to us are also submitted to Birdtrack.

Date Species Image Details
30th Oct 2005 Whooper Swan View Image Passage through remains strong with a report from Nancy Wightman of 23 birds on Loch Portree this morning.
30th Oct 2005 Greenland White-fronts Another 7 this time, at the Black Lochs outside Broadford.
30th Oct 2005 Brambling View Image Report from Loraine Card of 2 at Kyeakin.
30th Oct 2005 Brent Goose View Image still 7 at Waterloo.
30th Oct 2005 Greenland White-fronted Goose
29th Oct 2005 Whimbrel View Image Still birds passing through with 2 at The Ob, Kyleakin, on what seems a pretty late date. (Martin Benson)
29th Oct 2005 Brent Goose View Image Small group of 10 at Harrapool.
29th Oct 2005 Greenland White-front Goose View Image 3 adults on re-seeded field at Elgol - this is the first occasion birds have been recorded here - the normal wintering flocks being at Broadford and Kilmuir.
29th Oct 2005 Whooper Swan View Image report from John Phillips of 15 Whoopers flying around Broadford in the dark at 2130 hours. This is the 2nd observation this autumn of Whoopers flying in darkness suggesting that much of their migration is at night and may go unnoticed.
28th Oct 2005 Whooper Swan View Image birds presumably on the move with 3 separate sightings totalling 12 birds flying up Ob Breakish during the course of the day.
27th Oct 2005 Knot this is late in the season for passage birds but there were 3 at Harrapool.
27th Oct 2005 Waxwing View Image Difficult to say whether there will be a big invasion this winter but there were 5 at Staffin. It is interesting that in comparison to last year there is a very poor berry crop on Rowans and most have been stripped by recent high winds.
27th Oct 2005 Whooper Swan View Image At least 20 on Loch Mealt, Staffin, in two separate groups - sheltering from the fierce southerly winds.
26th Oct 2005 Whooper Swan View Image at 10 a.m. 12 birds alighted on the sea off Strathaird Point - birds are still moving through.
23rd Oct 2005 Jack Snipe View Image single flushed at Ardnish, Broadford - first of the autumn.
23rd Oct 2005 Glaucous Gull View Image Report from Peter Elford of a bird seen at Oronsay, Loch Bracadale.
22nd Oct 2005 Blackcap View Image continuing reports with a single at Ose and 2 males at Dunvegan. Also a report from Ruth McLeish of a male at Ord from the 17th to 21st.
18th Oct 2005 Black Redstart View Image report from Tim Dix of immature bird at Rhenetra, Kensaleyre - this is the 2nd record this year of a species rarely recorded on Skye.
18th Oct 2005 Blackcap View Image 1st report of the autumn with a male bird at Rhenetra, Kensaleyre and a female with a mixed party of Tits at the Blaven Car Park in Strathaird.
18th Oct 2005 Snow Bunting View Image 1st report of the winter, single bird only well up near the summit of Blaven.
17th Oct 2005 Black-throated Diver View Image following the reports of birds on Loch Scavaig yesterday there were 12 birds on Loch Slapin to-day, 3 separate groups of 4 at Feulin, Kilmarie and Drinan.
17th Oct 2005 Turnstone exceptional flock of c50 at high tide at Kilmarie Bay, Strathaird.
16th Oct 2005 Pink foot Goose Though this species overflies Skye in huge numbers very few actually land so a single at Hamara River, Glendale is interesting.
16th Oct 2005 Black throated Diver View Image Report from Fergus and Carol Benson of group of 6 birds on Loch Scavaig.
15th Oct 2005 Arctic Skua View Image report from Andy Stables of two birds harassing Kittiwakes in Loch Pooltiel beyond Milovaig Pier - this is a late date for this species.
14th Oct 2005 Whimbrel View Image report from Martin Benson of 3 late birds at Harrapool.
14th Oct 2005 Whooper Swan View Image flock of 14 alighted on Loch Pooltiel near Glendale.
13th Oct 2005 Slavonian Grebe 4 at Loch Ainort in front of Luib.
13th Oct 2005 White-tailed Eagle View Image two young birds, possibly pink tagged, yelping and interacting over Loch Suardal, Dunvegan.
13th Oct 2005 Twite View Image large flock of 200+ at Ardroag near Dunvegan.
13th Oct 2005 Golden Plover Report from Ian Mackinnon of flock of 50-60 on the shoulder of Slat Bheinn, a ridge of Bla Bheinn, Strathaird.
11th Oct 2005 Brent Geese Numbers at Harrapool/Waterloo built up steadily through the day to 26.
11th Oct 2005 Whooper Swan View Image With the calmer weather to-day passage south is apparent with 2 flying over Ferindonald and 24 over Isle Ornsay in late morning. Sylvia Porter had a super 'herd' of 35 at Duntulm. In late afternoon there were 7 in Broadford Bay. At 7.00 p.m. in semi darkness some 20+ flew south-west over Ardvarsar
11th Oct 2005 Moorhen Juvenile on Loch Cill Chriosd, Strathaird.
11th Oct 2005 Short-eared Owl View Image another report of a bird hunting at Breakish in early evening.
11th Oct 2005 Chiffchaff report from Larry Wheatland of a single at Ardvarsar.
11th Oct 2005 Great Northern Diver View Image birds moving back in for the winter with 3 off Teangue and 3 at Point of Sleat (Larry Wheatland).
11th Oct 2005 Whinchat View Image report of very late bird at Duntulm.
10th Oct 2005 Wheatear View Image report of a single from Broadford Bay.
10th Oct 2005 Grey Plover View Image first report of the winter, a single in Broadford Bay
8th Oct 2005 Arctic Tern View Image still stragglers about with singles at Strathaird Point and Broadford Bay.
8th Oct 2005 Rose Coloured Starling juvenile bird found amongst other Starlings by Larry Wheatland at Ferindonald, Sleat - this is a rare vagrant which occurs erratically in Western Europe.
8th Oct 2005 Arctic Skua View Image single bird off Strathaird Point.
8th Oct 2005 Pomarine Skua View Image single bird off Strathaird Point moving south.
8th Oct 2005 Redwing View Image small numbers at Kyleakin - main passage has yet to arrive.
7th Oct 2005 Brent Goose View Image still 4 birds at Harrapool/Waterloo.
6th Oct 2005 Redwing View Image first report of the autumn from Brian Neath with two at Colliemore, Lochalsh.
6th Oct 2005 Swallow we have had extremely late dates in previous years - still 6 at Balmacara Square - summer is not over yet.
6th Oct 2005 Arctic Tern View Image report from Larry Wheatland of late bird at Armadale Pier.
5th Oct 2005 Barnacle Goose View Image skein of 32 heading west out of Loch Slapin in early afternoon.
4th Oct 2005 Blackpoll Warbler This is the first mega sighting for this web-site, this north American vagrant found by 'yours truly' and Rob Day at 1800 hours to-day near Glasnakille (NG531119. Did not think 'american' at first but discounted everything else - should have done with the continuing westerlies - luckily Rob had taken a few shots and with the help of a few experts - have concluded Blackpoll. Unfortunately the bird had disappeared by the following day. If accepted, this will be the 7th record for Scotland and the first outwith the Northern and Western Isles.
1st Oct 2005 Pomarine Skua View Image Two adult birds in Broadford Bay late afternoon - winds strong from the north with a lot of Gannets and Kittiwakes about.
1st Oct 2005 Brent Geese Still 4 at Harrapool which have been around for several days.
1st Oct 2005 Arctic Tern View Image Very late bird at Eileanan Dubha islands off Kyle.

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