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Bird sightings on the Island of Skye and the neighbouring area

The objective of this page is to keep everyone, locals and visitors, up to date with what birds are about. It is therefore dependent on everyone contacting me as quickly as possible to ensure I can update the site so that others might benefit from the observations. In the case of rarer species details would also be passed on the Highland Recorder John Poyner (  who may require a full description before the record was accepted. This website will very much be locally focused but some records will be included in the SOC Highland website and may also reach national sites.  We have complete discretion as to what information is added to these pages and will try to avoid any details which might reveal breeding sites of vulnerable species.  It is impossible to record everything reported and for the more regularly observed species, we would encourage the use of 'Birdtrack' -  Records sent to us are also submitted to Birdtrack.

Date Species Image Details
31st Dec 2004 Jack Snipe View Image further report of a single on the saltings at Glas Eilean, Broadford.
31st Dec 2004 Slavonian Grebe Count of 6 at Camas na Sgianadin, north of Broadford.
27th Dec 2004 Chiffchaff Unusual report from Andy Stables of a Chiffchaff foraging in a garden at Lower Milovaig. Although there are a few records of wintering birds in the Highlands this is the first known occurrence in Skye at this time.
26th Dec 2004 Common Scoter Group of 4 at the top of Loch Eishort opposite Drumfearn.
25th Dec 2004 Greater White Fronted Goose View Image The 'Broadford' flock was located on the outskirts of the village and numbered 42 - they have been proving quite elusive.
25th Dec 2004 Twite View Image Report of 6 at Broadford Bay - this is a species which is normally absent in winter.
25th Dec 2004 Jack Snipe View Image Martin Benson reports another bird in Broadford Bay - report also of 6 Common Snipe - probably forced to the shore by the bad weather.
25th Dec 2004 Magpie Report of a single bird near Kinloch Farm on the Sleat road. It is approximately 10 years since the last known record of a Magpie on Skye so this is a rare occurrence.
24th Dec 2004 Little Auk Just as the bad weather has moved in so has the first report of this scarce species. Single bird only in Loch Slapin off Glasnakille
23rd Dec 2004 Barn Owl View Image Another report of a Barn Owl - this time from Dave Monks and Andrew Campbell - on the Torrin-Broadford road at Loch Cill Chrioisd.
22nd Dec 2004 Black-throated Diver View Image Group of 7 seen on Loch Slapin off Glasnakille - numbers seem to be less in this area than in the 2003/04 winter - could it be due to the apparent food shortages which have affected the auk population?
20th Dec 2004 Barn Owl View Image Report from Andy Law of a Barn Owl sitting on a fence post on the Kylerhea road.
19th Dec 2004 Rock Pipit We dont always celebrate little brown birds but there is a huge Rock Pipit population on the islans, some of which may be resident but which may also be augmented by migrants from Iceland and Scandinavia. There was a count of 50 to-day on a 1.5 km stretch of coastline near Elgol.
19th Dec 2004 Merlin View Image Can be scarce in winter. A probably female was seen to-day in hot pursuit of a flushed Snipe - the outcome is not known.
19th Dec 2004 Jack Snipe View Image Single bird flushed by Martin Benson on Glas Eilean at Harrapool. With the frosty weather it is a good time to find both species of Snipe near the shore or beside areas of open water.
19th Dec 2004 White-tailed Eagle View Image Report from Jan Young of a green tagged bird near Ord. No letters could be seen on the tag but this is a 1998 bird so is reaching maturity.
18th Dec 2004 Barnacle Goose View Image Distant view of 40+ on Eilean Beag which lies off Lyndale Point, Kensaleyre
18th Dec 2004 Northern Lapwing View Image Wintering flocks of 40 at Loch Vatten, Harlosh and 8 at Edinbane.
18th Dec 2004 Turnstone Flocks of 20 at the head of Loch Ainort and 25 at the head of Loch Caroy.
18th Dec 2004 Goldfinch Report from Hugh Scott of 'charm' of 18 at Kyleakin.
17th Dec 2004 Whooper Swan View Image 13 near Shiel Bridge - a regular winter spot but a higher than normal count.
15th Dec 2004 Purple Sandpiper View Image Good flock of 15 (+ 9 Turnstones) on Eilean a 'Mhal off Kyle.
14th Dec 2004 Moorhen A 1st winter Moorhen has been frequenting the Harbro Depot in Portree - the company supply agricultural foodstuffs so there is no shortage of feeding - it has been there for at least 4 weeks and is quite tame.
12th Dec 2004 Yellowhammer Super record of a flock of 35-40 at Ardelve in Lochalsh, apparently the largest flock observed there for some time. This is a species which is very rare in Skye, Sleat being the only locality where it is now seen with any regularity. It was once common on the island.
10th Dec 2004 Barnacle Goose View Image Two with Grey Lags at Conchra near Dornie. This is an unusual record for Lochalsh and Brian Neath had previous records in 1992 and 1995.
10th Dec 2004 Rock Dove Again not as numerous as on Skye so 28 at Conchra near Dornie was a good record.
6th Dec 2004 Swallow Yes!!! a December Swallow record reported by Eleanor and Hubert Hunton at Balmacara. Very interesting in that there was a December record from Kyleakin in 2003.
6th Dec 2004 Blackcap View Image pair of Blackcap reported feeding in a garden at Ardelve since 20th November
6th Dec 2004 Water Rail Report of Water Rail in garden at Ardelve
5th Dec 2004 Purple Sandpiper View Image Group of 4 on the rocks near Duntulm Castle.
5th Dec 2004 Reed Bunting View Image small flock of 8-10 feeding at roadside near Totscore, north of Luib.
5th Dec 2004 Goldfinch Good sized flock of 25+ at Aird Bernisdale
5th Dec 2004 Wigeon Count of 76 at Portree Loch, one of the largest counts on Skye.
5th Dec 2004 Greater White-fronted Goose View Image Census at the present time 4-8 Dec - 30 at Kilvaxter in Trotternish. The only other small flock is in the Broadford area - any records please?
5th Dec 2004 Crossbill Report of 2 at Nostie on Lochalsh
1st Dec 2004 Great Northern Diver View Image Late afternoon count of 25 between Ashaig and Kyleakin - birds moving to roost.
1st Dec 2004 Wigeon Count of 80 at Ardelve on Lochalsh

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